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Lucy is the best Ethiopian restaurant in the DMV area. This review is based on our experience with Ethiopian restaurants in the area for the past 3 years. Lucy deserves 5 stars for consistently providing authentic and very well prepared food. What sets Lucy apart from the other restaurants we have tried in the area is that the food at Lucy is prepared with delicious spices that give it this unique flavor that keeps us coming back for more. Although, speed of service could be improved, the staff provides good customer service. The only thing we would like to see more of is all day Ethiopian brunch…at least on weekends.

Logan Dowdle Google Reviews
Logan Dowdle
6 days ago
 This is some of the most interesting (and tasty) food I have ever had. The bread, which acts as both eating surface and utensil is really something special – soft and spongy. Its perfect for picking up all the food and flavors. So yes, you eat with your hands, grabbing and wrapping up the various dishes. I tried the Yebeg Tibs, with sides of beets and cabbage – everything was incredibly flavorful. The spices are also varied, each dish had a different spice profile, and there were also additional spicy sauces on the side. Really – an entirely awesome experience. Portion sizes are generous and prices are very fair.
Yonas Demeiyesus Google Reviews
Yonas Demeiyesus
March 6, 2018
 Wow! The new Lucy is composed of such a splendid dining salon, artful bar and syndicate glass partitioned private seat areas. Please pay a visit. No words to commend it!
Valerie Christine Virta Google Reviews
Valerie Christine Virta
13 days ago
 The tibs sandwich was delicious, as was the fish dulat. Looking forward to going back!
December 23, 2017
One of the best Ethiopian restaurants in the DC Area

With much of the Ethiopian community having moved to this suburb from DC in recent years, many of their best restaurants have moved along with them. This is certainly one of the best I’ve been to in recent years. The variety of spices and flavors of their Injera plates is quite phenomenal, certainly something to suit a wide range of palates. Both times, I visited this place with large groups of my colleagues – where we have had to order both vegetarian and meat dishes…and both times everyone was quite pleased by the fare. Highly recommend this place to both tourists, locals and folks in DC who are aficionados of Ethiopian cuisine.

September 6, 2017
Superior Ethiopian Foods

Lucy (no apostrophe s) produces the freshest, most flavorful Ethiopian food I’ve tasted and Lucy is consistent in the quality of food offered. Having dined at over eight Ethiopian restaurants before discovering Lucy, I thought of Ethiopian food as mediocre. Not anymore. I am a regular customer and Lucy is my go-to spot for savory, well-seasoned Ethiopian food.

Service can be slow, but this is not fast food and the chefs/cooks take the time that is needed to prepare good food. The servers are friendly, but about half of them are new to speaking English. So, don’t arrive starving, and bring your patience. This is not a complaint. I’d rather have excellent food than rushed food, and it is worth it.

They serve two types of injera–Ethiopian and “other” (not sure what it would be called). The Ethiopian injera is gluten free, though the “other” injera appeals more to the American palate.